James is the editor-in-chief at weatlhmindsetschool.com. James is a workaholic and an entrepreneur who has been in the tech industry for over ten years. He has worked with Microsoft, owns multiple websites, and now owns a mattress shop. Furthermore, when he has time left over, he will be in his woodworking shop building furniture as a side hustle. James has a B.S. in Business Management Information Systems and a Master’s in Business Administration from Liberty University. He is currently pursuing a Master’s in Executive Leadership, and once he completes that, he will pursue his Ph.D. in Business Administration – Entrepreneurship. James also seeks investment opportunities, putting his money to work instead of himself. James is an active believer that wealth begins with developing a wealth mindset. He now teaches, instructs, and helps others achieve that goal.

James’ vision of building his empire instead of someone else’s started with developing and growing a wealth mindset. James believes everyone can change their mindset to establish their ambitions. James actively engages with the Wealth Mindset School to help others achieve what they must before they embark on a journey on their own. James loves to travel and is always excited about new opportunities and adventures.


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